League Of Shit Advertisement

It's just advertisement! But advertisement can reinforce bad stereotypes. That is what League of Legends is doing right now. And the gaming scene does NOT need that!

I'm actually one of those guys who doesn't want to use things like add blockers. The advertisement busisses is capable of saving soo many thing and give people enough money to live. That is why I hate to use software which blocks adds. But that doesn't mean that website like Youtube may force me to use them. And after a few years they did exaclty that again.

League of Legends aka. League of shit advertisement

What League of Legends did with there advertisement (at least the german part) is inexcusable to me.

So what happening?

The german League of Legends guys started to advertise their game out of the sudden. I never had any advertisement from them before. I was open to them. And some of their clips weren't bad. Infact I like some, but the rest of those clips are bullshit. Not because they have bad quality but because of it's content.

In one of their clips it starts with the first sentence.

Lust mal wieder was zu zocken?

English: "Do you want to play a video game again?" I should mention that this goes to the german players that use the word "zocken" instead of "spielen". "spielen" is easily translated to "play", "playing" or something like that. "Zocken" on the other hand is playing too, but for longer play sessions or even for addictive playing behavior. it almost seems like they want you to lose way too much time with playing League of Legends.

That is where it starts but they didn't see the problem so they went further and hit way too high.

I haven't seen the sun in years.

WHAT? LIKE WHAT? Now. I only looked at the german advertisement but as I tried to find an advertisement spot I actually found a english version aswell. And it has the same bad content. Quotes like

I haven't seen the sun in years

won't help. I only see that these clips are trying to get you to never leave your home.

There is that stereo type that gamers (and I hate that term already) only sit in the basement, doing nothing else then playing video games, don't take showers. We, the gamers should that we aren't like that. Reinforcing that stereo type is unnecessary, stupid and may hurt the game industry. YET: The guys behind League of Legends do exactly that.

They don't care and continue to do that

But as I hade to notice there is one more clip which beats the stupitity by far to much. According to that advertisement spot, video game players aren't just lonely and dirty. We apperently don't have any friends and we have problems in society/are socially awkward. And I don't know why I even have to see this crap. WE (the players) aren't dirty, nor are we sitting in front of our monitors the hole time. And we aren't so socially awkward as this advertisement likes to let on either.

That is why I activated an add blocker, so I don't have to see those advertisements again.

When it comes to lonelyness, Im not sure if I ever want to takle this topic. Lonelyness, no good support from the parents, and bullying are serious topics. I've had the problem of being bullied too but I had support from my family. But being bullied and stuff like that can lead to serious depression.

Anyway: That was my opinion on the advertisement of League of Legends.

NBSgames.at 2018-12-10