Xenoblade 2: Niarex (1)

Spoilers included, please play the game first before you read this if you care about spoiers.

Also: In the german section I said that the fanfictions are only in English, but I did the work to translate this one as I figured that it's not too much work.

It is a cold night. A very cold night. Rex tries to somehow heat himself up but he is unable too. The boys longs for some heat if possible from Pyra but the two aegis girls aren't at home. They are still at a party. Rex and Nia are early risers. It isn't uncommon for them to get to bed early because both of 'em hate being tired. But the temperature around the bed isn't going to help him sleep. The boy likes to shower in the morning, while the gormotti girl does it before she goes into her bed, which happens to be quite handy this time around. Finally, after a few moments of waiting, the aegis' driver gets up and walks into Nias room. There is still a bit of time until the girl which sleeps in the room comes out of the shower. In the meanwhile the hero find a chair to sit on to wait for his friend.

A couple minutes later the healer finally opens the door and steps into her room, scanning the room with her eyes too fast to notice Rex before she turns around to close the door.

"Hoof. It's really cold tonight" , said Nia quietly, still unaware of her boyfriends presents.

"Yeah. I ... I can't even sleep" responds the aegis' driver who thought that his girlfriend noticed him by now. "REX?" screams the gormotti blade, jumping into the air and landing in her typical pose to protect herself. Finally looking at the boy she loves she notice how much he's been shivering the hole time which causes her to relax. "How cold are you?" she asks, now really isn't the time to tease him. He's freezing cold.

"I don't feel my fingers anymore", the boy replays.

"Oh", the girl quickly makes her way to the poor boy, gives him a hug and presses her body onto his in a way that leaves Rex with no other choice but to warm his fingers using Nias heat she got from the hot water of the shower. The smell of the shampoo she used to wash her hair with isn't helping. It's only growing the urge to kiss her.

Suddenly, the healer releases Rex and falls backwards, into her bed. Rex, still carving for more warmth, follows her under the bedcover. As much as the gormotti wants to complain it was impossible, she loves him too much to do that. After a few minutes the temperature under the bedcover is finally high enough for Rex to feel comfortable. He looks the girl next to him one last time into her eyes and the urge starts to feel is overwhelming, too much for him to resist. So he wraps his arms around the tired gormotti girl, while she does the same. Just a moment later Rex places his right hand behind her head and presses her lips against his. Nia only deepens the kiss. After a bit of kissing they finally close their eyes and let their fatigue do it's job.

Now that was a little fanfiction I came up with as I was in the mood to write something. So I wrote something.