Judd on Discord

Judd is a Discord/Telegram bot developed for Splatoon2. It started as a Telegram bot but the main focus now is the discord side.

A long time there where commands which where only available on the Discord side until I rewrote the command system. Now the most commands are available on both sides and I only have to write the codes once and the command is available on both sides.


Judd on Telegram

Now let's talk about the Telegram side specifically, I had to rewrite the code once because it wasn't working like it should but it really got better.


There aren't much commands besides the splatoon2 related once. The data used by this bot comes from the Nintendo Switch Online App.

You can see the current map rotation and you can look after specific modes or maps in the upcoming rotation.

Invite link for the discord bot is on this site, or chat with the telegram side!