My Website

There is a strange phenomenon that everything Im designing looks terrible (at least to me). That has to change so I sat down and worked on a new design for like 6 to 7 weeks.

Design 1

The first design

Bases of the old design of my brothers website, I used a lot of grey. There wasn't something else than white, black and something in between Two years later this design disappeared again.

Design 2

The second design

"This time it's gonna be better then yours", that is what I thought. Naive maybe but one can always hope. It wasn't good, I even doubt it was better. The self-written CMS was able to change the text but that was everything.

I made one last attempted to increase the functionality of the CMS but this attempted failed.

Design 3

The third and current design

This design uses Bootstrap4 and jQuery for its animations. Grav should become it's Content-Management-System later, the first tests were already made.

I chose bright grey/white and bright green as the colours, changed my logo a little bit and put more thought into the hole project rather then saying "That'll do".

With that, will look like a professional website and there is a bunch of projects waiting to be announced. Im also going to post small stories, fanfictions and my opinion on certain topics.