Need a kiss, Rex?

On somedays, things don't go so well. Rex can be happy to have a little support...

It was a hard day for Rex. After the final showdown against Malos and Aion, Rex, Pyra, Mythra and Nia settled back down in Fonsett. The days as a tough salvager are over for Rex, he’s no longer traveling on Gramps back around the cloud sea. The big question is: Which cloud sea anyway? To be fair, there where plenty of treasures to be found in the new water sea. And Rex knew that, and Rex still went salvaging. But instead of somewhere in the middle of nowhere on Gramps back, he does it closer to Fonsett. Mainly because he wants to rest and also because there are 2 really close friends and one girlfriend. He can’t let them wait for 2 long.

But for whatever reason he didn’t have any luck that day. He mainly salvaged monsters, they were weak, no match for the salvager but they annoyed non-the-less. The the other stuff he salvaged was practically worthless. Nothing that he could sell for a good sum. Defeated, he walks back to the house, unable to make sense of whatever happened today. He wants nothing else than to get this day over and forget it. He doesn’t care too much for anyone or anything else right now.

Nia however, watching from far away, knows that her boyfriend isn’t feeling too good. She decides that the brunette shouldn’t be able to get into his room without being greeted by her.

The plan is easy, just sneak into his room and hide until he gets there too. The grey haired blade ended up in his bed for the last few night anyway. So she goes in his room, hides below the large table and waits. Shortly after, the boy comes into the room and nearly jumps into his bed. At that, the gormotti finally decides to show herself.


“Nia? Where are you?”, he answered slightly nervous and slightly confused how he missed her

“Rex”, she repeats, while crawling out of her spot, “I’ve seen you coming home, and I’ve seen the expression on your face. Let me guess, you day wasn’t great.” She can tell, her boyfriend is beginning to warm up in this little conversation. At the same time she’s moving towards Rex’ bed.

“My day wasn’t great at all. I salvaged way to many monsters, weak once, no match for me but extremely annoying. All the while I I found stuff of almost no worth.”

“I felt like that happened. I’m … sorry”.

“Don’t be sorry. There’s nothing you could’ve done”.

“I guess that true...”, she replied and in a short motion, falling onto Rex, placing her arms on both of his sides. Her elbows are now holding her weight up, creating just enough space between Rex and her.

“Nia...”, the boy asks and tries to make sense of what she’s doing

Without saying an other word. She pushes her right arm between the bed and the letherian. Pulling him closer to her. Their faces, now mere centimetres apart, closing the space until their lips touched, before having a quick but assuring kiss.

“Thanks, Nia. It’s like, you knew what I needed.”, says Rex still being in her embrace.

“Never forget, Rex, I love you, we all do. If you need anything, don’t be afraid of asking.”


They stayed in each others arms a bit longer before they hear a familiar voice through the door.

“Nia, dinner is ready, we might have to look for Rex first though!”, Pyra shouted just as she finished preparing the meal.

“Well, luckely we don’t have to ta look for ya. Watcha think?”, Nia asks while a .

“Yeah, I’m hungry as heck, let’s go!”, Rex replied, before letting go of the gormotti blade.