The HAMMessenger has been around for a little time now, but why is an iOS version missing?

Seriously, first announced at the Hamradio 2018, the HAMMessenger has since been updated to Version 2. And while I really like the idea of an Messager for Amateurradio, going unencrypted over the Hamnet. There was something that bugged me. As a member of the ÖVSV (Austrias Amateurradio club). I was at the Hamradio since 2013 (Well, I wasn't a member at that time but certainly the rest of my family).

Now the HamMessenger is only a available on Windows and Android, at least at that point in time back then. So I spoke with some of the guys in charge and got patched up with all the information that I need to work for an HamMessenger of MacOS.


So I decided that I'm gonna mention all the updates for people who are waiting for it (In fact I got an E-Mail that someone in Portugal is interested in it).

Update: July 6th, 2019

Developement began, finally. We are getting somewhere!

Update: September 23rd, 2019: I don't just think it, I'm actually online.

I restructered parts of the code in order to make the code less ugly. In the meantime I managed to send enough data so the system marks me as online! Good!

Update: September 26th, 2019: I'm able to receive messages too.

I managed to receive messages from the system. Which is great. I also managed to set to prepare my app for the new dark mode added in iOS 13!

Update: October 16th, 2019: I managed to send broadcast messages!

With broadcast messages working and more importantly, me know how they work. I am hitting a turning point. I need to take a look into the design and prepare that for more functionallity. Messages got sent and were received on the Windows version

Update: October 31st, 2019: Design for the "Online" Section is done.

And of course, a screenshot is included! The design. Normally nothing that I like to do but that doesn't look half bad. (Darkmode)

Update November as a whole

The online view got finished, calls were now added as their log into the system. But for some reasons it still remained to be really slow.

Update Febuary as a whole

Before I could react properly, November put a hold on my ability to code on it because I still had a school project that needed time and attention and tests to prepare for and and and. So nothing happened till Febuary but I returned and I hit it HARD!

Febuary brought me enough time to add CQ and BC messages. The fix for the keyboard not hiding was implemented, I added the ability to change the call that you used as well as a special startup screen and, and, and, It was a great month and really set the first stones for March.

Update March so far:

March was crazy so far: Especially since I stopped working for a little again but also because I came back after having enough time again. I tweaked the UI here and there, changed some things that weren't cool to begin with. Added the ability to write privately. The chatlog is also saved for later, and done a lot of stuff actually.

Including the very first, publicly available test version of the MacOS version of the HamMessenger!!!

And a note on the side, if you don't have an HamNet access, please go into the preferences of the app by pressing CMD + , and change the server to newradio.eu (Public server). Attention: Due to me using MacCatalyst, it won't support MacOS versions which are older than Catalina (10.15).

Current version (1.0-rc2 - 2020/07/05)



Older Versions:

1.0-rc1 (2020/07/02)



1.0beta2 (2020/06/07)



1.0beta1 (2020/04/25)



1.0alpha3 (2020/04/17)



1.0alpha2 (2020/04/03)



1.0alpha1 (2020/03/25)